We recruit people of color--particularly black men--to explore careers in education, utilizing a formula that tackles the two key factors that keep black men from such a path. As much as 33% of college-bound black men will drop out by sophomore year. Of those who go on to graduate, they are not considering the teacher programs that are available because they do not resonate with them and they are too short and insufficient in preparing teachers that are culturally competent and content strong. We have to concurrently attach them to school, working with kids, and train them to be incredible teachers.


Starting with just 7 fellows in 2014 to 40 participants between New Orleans and Baton Rouge in 2017, the BE2T Fellowship has students who attend community colleges, historically black colleges and universities, and majority schools through out the region. Fellows major in a variety of disciplines whether pre-med or political science while all having a common desire to work with kids and help them achieve their personal and academic goals.