To Ed with Love: The Stars are Lit-A Be2T Prom Time special 2018

BE2T PRM.jpg

Our annual To Ed with Love event is approaching quickly! This year's theme is "A BE2T Prom-Time Special." On that night, you will enjoy cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and nostalgia as we recreate one of the most beautiful high school memories: senior prom. The event pays homage to the classic film, To Sir with Love, in which Sidney Poitier portrays an educator, full of passion and vigor, impacting the lives and futures of his students. For the fourth year, we will honor those within our communities who are pioneers for education and work tirelessly to cultivate success and self-love within our children.


The big winner at the Austin Creator Awards was Brothers Empowered to Teach Initiative, which was represented by founder Larry Irvin. When it was announced that the New Orleans-based nonprofit won $130,000, Irvin was greeted with a standing ovation from the crowd of more than 2,750 people.


Join us for A Night Royale in support of the work of Brothers Empowered to Teach (BE2T) as you enjoy cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, casino-style games and live entertainment while we will be honoring professionals in and outside of the classroom for their contributions to the community. To Ed is an ode to the classic film To Sir With Love in which Sidney Poitier powerfully portraits how a dedicated teacher can impact the self-esteem, resilience and future of students in the classroom. For the third year, BE2T will pause to celebrate those that reflect this dedication and the organization’s core values.


As we grow further into this work we understand clearly, we can't do this alone. Over 1.5 days BE2T summoned a group of 30 of its most crucial partners, friends, and advocates to talk strategy, replication, and ultimately the future of Be2T. The annual retreat kicks off with check-in into a local hotel, compliments of BE2T, and a kick-off dinner that evening with all of our participants. The following morning leads into a day- long strategy session filled with high-energy, fun-filled discussions about ed reform, teacher recruitment, school quality and Be2ts role in the ecosystem going forward.


Self-actualization and self-understanding  is key to becoming our best selves. To get where you are going, you first must understand where you are coming from. We thought it was imperative to to take our fellows on a journey of a true story of how slaves came to Louisiana. From here we will lay the foundation of success and ultimately, how to get free.