The Saturday Cipher Series is a professional and personal development workshop that consist of a series of introspective discussions around social topics pertinent, relevant, or centric to the black male experience and the overall growth of the individual. Fellows utilize this space to share stories, experiences, successes and failures. The Cipher employs thought provoking issues and events to spawn open-ended conversations that are usually transformative and enlightening for all participants. These discussions serve as a major component to BE2T’s comprehensive qualitative research conducted to bridge the gap between men of color and the classroom.



Identity and Stereotyping

This get-to-know-you activity examines identity and stereotyping as participants decorate the outside and inside of masks as a metaphor for how they are seen by others, and how they see themselves. The goal is to raise the self-awareness of the individual and how they show up to others, particularly the children they serve.



Black Men and Masculinity

At its most primitive virtue, we see masculinity, or the interpretation of it, as the catalyst to solidifying selfidentity for our young men. “Who’s the Man?”, is a cipher in which we unpack masculinity to its skeleton and and delve deeply into its meaning, connotations and effects of black men. Each semester we will lead with this dialogue to set the stage for all subsequent ciphers as we walk to better see better version of each fellow. Who’s the man? YOU the man!



Navigating Social Spaces with Increased Awareness

At BE2T, our modus operandi is simple: never forget where we come from. We just hit the switch. It is imperative that our young men are savvy at understanding their given audience and how they show up. Language, demeanor, awareness are all key factors in achieving optimal balance in society. We want our young men to be comfortable engaging with people from all walks. As a next generation leading educator, its imperative.