Remain relevant

It is paramount that our fellows understand the language, likes, dislikes, and social issues affecting the students in their classrooms. It is equally paramount that we have this understanding of the issues and trends affecting our fellows.
From our vantage point, being able to create pathways to open dialogue, is the key to building cultural competency in a holistic way.


Growth requires stretching outside of one’s comfort zone. We challenge ourselves through out the entire program to constantly look for ways to improve how we do our work. In rising to that challenge, we sometimes reach places that require us to learn from the struggle and embrace it.


Ninety percent of success is preparation. We want to be ready to seize opportunities when they avail themselves and create opportunities for others. Preparation plus the ability to relate, communicate, and present our best selves widens our access and ability to grow.


There is no failure. Only lessons. Developing BE2T has not come without its share of losses. These losses have helped us gain clarity on what we want to accomplish. We are accessible examples of how to continue to climb even in challenging times for those who participate in our program.


BE2T wants to support the development of each of our participants in a holistic way. The foundation to this development is taking care of one’s self emotionally. By promoting social and emotional awareness, our participants will have the foundation to better manage the stressors of life personally and career wise outside of school.


Popular opinion says men of color don’t teach and the statistics don’t defy it. Only 2% of all teachers nationally are men of color. We want our fellows to turn the profession on its head by entering the classroom and using their ability to communicate and relate to the students they teach everyday. We meet teachers everyday who demonstrate that men of color can and do teach. We have to show more men, regardless, of what the masses say they have an ability to reach at risk students that defies the current demographic in front the classroom and the vision of what success looks like to students.