BE2T Fellowship


BE2T innovates on teacher recruitment by starting early in college to expose them to education careers in discreet intervals via three components. Specifically tailored for full-time college students, participants are eligible to begin sophomore year for a 3-year fellowship. The undergraduate fellowship is intentionally designed with schedule flexibility to attract upperclassmen that are actively looking for opportunities in the classroom as well. 


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The Change Track


Specifically for men of color who may have already had a career in another profession, older students returning to school, and /or looking to change from their current career to education. Change Track fellows participate in our “Cipher” workshop series and upon entering the classroom, will be supported with a one-on-one pairing with a male educator and will also have the opportunity to mentor school age students.


The Tutor Corp


This is a program extension to our Baton Rouge affiliate program... More on this description COMING SOON