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Discussing DEI in Education with Krystal Hardy Allen

In December, Brothers Empowered 2 Teach CEO Larry Irvin sat down for a discussion about diversity, equity and inclusion in education with two powerhouse leaders in education. On the final stop of Krystal Allen’s seven city “What Goes Unspoken” book tour, the best selling author invited Irvin to a fireside chat in Los Angeles, CA. The intimate event featured a discussion lead by Amen Rahh, a principal, speaker, and best-selling author who is paving the way towards educational revolution.

This event offered an opportunity for dialogue, learning, and action planning that supports educators, parents, systems leaders, and more to operationalize and center DEI in an intersectional way as well as a multifaceted way within schools, districts, universities, and more!

“Our work with Black men focuses on trying to disect, unpack and interrogate inequities from a gender standpoint as it relates to men in K-12 spaces. Men overall, haven’t had a space created for them like other marginalized groups when it comes to conversations in education,” Irvin said. “That is why this discussion was so timely and refreshing because it addressed the severe lack of men in the early childhood education because of the social stigmas that have been placed on men and children.”

Krystal Hardy Allen is the CEO of K.  Allen Consulting, a former school principal and teacher, and full-time education and management consultant. She and her firm have supported BE2T and our CEO over the past four years to help with capacity building, resetting culture, facilitating retreats and advocating for the organization overall.

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