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Brothers Empowered to Teach launches Fall 2023 Fellowship Programs

We're thrilled to share the exciting developments of our Fall 2023 Fellowship Program Pilot. Over the past three years, we've honed a program that provides participating Fellows with invaluable hands-on teaching experiences,

progressively increasing responsibilities, and the tools needed for success in the field of education.


1. Paid Teaching Apprenticeship: Our Fellows begin their journey at an after-school partner organization. In the subsequent years, they transition into schools, working in a paraprofessional-like capacity while receiving a monthly stipend.

2. Personal and Professional Development: We are committed to nurturing not just educators but well-rounded individuals. Our Fellows receive training, extensive support, and tailored professional development opportunities. All Fellows engage in the Cipher Series, monthly dialogues that address challenges relevant to Black men and their peers. In subsequent years, Fellows embark on the Development Lab, an 8-module curriculum focusing on early childhood development and culturally-relevant teaching practices, developed in collaboration with Bank Street College.

3. Mentorship and Classroom Preparation: In their final year of the fellowship, Fellows receive personalized guidance from experienced educators, preparing them for post graduation careers as classroom teachers.

4. Teacher Certification and Preparation: We are proud to connect our graduating Fellows with pathways and employment opportunities that lead to certification.

As we continue to refine our program, we are excited to announce a pilot initiative with our Alumni Fellows. Our alumni, who have successfully graduated from college and often find employment in the education sector, remain closely connected to BE2T as peer mentors and participants in our Cipher and other professional growth and development opportunities.

We are excited about the promising journey ahead, building a community of educators who are dedicated to positive change in the world of education.

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