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We provide an innovative approach to mentorship, apprenticeship and pathways to careers in education through early exposure to teaching and targeted experiences cultivating an organic love of children.

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Our primary program is our undergraduate fellowship. Our focus remains on developing and empowering men of color, predominantly Black men, through early exposure to teaching and targeted experiences cultivating an organic love of teaching. 


The goal of The Alumni Fellowship is to continue to cultivate an organic love of teaching by developing and empowering BE2T alumni fellows through culturally relevant personal and professional development and targeted experiences.

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What does it mean to express yourself, black man? What does it mean to be fully present and fully seen and fully heard?


The cipher is BE2Ts personal and professional development series. The cipher, aptly named and derived from hip hop vernacular, meaning to express through code or covert language, is BE2Ts internal house of discourse.


This intimate space was created to give our young men the freedom to tackle their social issues of today, while being introspective and self-reflecting on the intersection between black male identity and education.


Larry Irvin, CEO of BE2T, is the mastermind and creator of the cipher and hails as the flagship facilitator and speaker of the house.


Once a month fellows of BE2T gather with Larry to have intimate discussions that range from topics of pedagogy to self-development, to identity and dating.


BE2T has a multi-layered responsibility to not only develop great educators but also develop great human beings, great adults, great young men and women along the way. Because we take 360 approaches with each individual who matriculates through the fellowship, it’s imperative that we condition them for comprehensive success and not merely, in classroom. It’s auditing 101, workforce development and teaching training all in one.


Grab a seat. And Welcome to the cipher….


-High Risk CEO

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